Contact Times

You can define that the user can enter the contact times (like opening hours, call center times, etc).

You need to define the following:

  1. A field group for the CT info area containing a List and an Edit control with the following fields and assigned functions:
    Field Function
    Weekday DAYOFWEEK
    Type TYPE
    Morning From FROM
    Morning To TO
    Afternoon from AFTERNOON FROM
    Afternoon to AFTERNOONTO
    Note: The Type field is a catalog field. Locked values from a catalog are not displayed in the application.
  2. A Search&List for the CT info area
  3. An Expand configuration for the CT info area.
  4. An Edit button for the FI Expand header with the ContactTimesEditView action assigned, >> ContactTimesEditView. Enter the Search&List name from step 1 (that references the CT Edit control) as SearchList input argument.
  5. An additional panel of type CONTACTTIMES_<Search&List> (e. g. CONTACTTIMES_CT) in the FI Details control. The Search&List is the one defined in step 1 referencing the CT Edit control.
  6. An Offline Dataset for CT.