Predefined Filters

Your CRM.Client administrator can define additional filters (not included in the standard version). In this case, a (Filter) button is displayed besides the search field. The filter is grey in color when it is not activated. If you select a filter, the search result is limited to the records that meet the pre-defined filter criteria. If defined, filters are available from an info area's record list.

To filter data:

  1. Switch to the desired info area.
  2. Tap on (Filter).

    The available filters are listed. Each filter has an on/off switch.

  3. You need to select filter criteria for some filters before you can enable them. For example, if you want to limit the listed records to your clients in a specific country, tap on beside the Country filter and then select the desired country from the drop-down list. After selecting the required countries, you can enable the Country filter using the on/off switch.

  4. Enable the desired filter using the on/off switch. Once a filter is activated it is immediately applied to the search list.
  5. Tap on to collapse the drop down list.
  6. Similarly perform the above steps to add more filter criteria. You can combine multiple filters. The search results are filtered as each filter is activated.
  7. Click to return to the search listing with the filters activated.