Synchronizing Data

By default, data is stored locally on your device when working with CRM.Client. If you add or edit data, these changes need to be synchronized with the main CRM database. New data added on your device is synchronized automatically at regular intervals. The interval depends on the technology you are using, e. g. WIFI: every five minutes, 3G: every hour, EDGE: every two hours.

Only data is synchronized automatically. To update your configuration changes, you need to start the synchronization process manually.

Note: Navigation in CRM.Client is disabled during synchronization to prevent data or configuration changes.

To synchronize data manually:

  1. Switch to the (Sync) area in the control center.

  2. Select one of the following options:
    • Update Data: Only records are synchronized.
    • Update Configuration: Changes to your configuration are transferred from the server to your device.
    • Full Data Synchronization: All data and your configuration is synchronized bi-directionally. This is also called a full synchronization.

      Your administrator can define that you need to carry out a full synchronization at regular intervals. If you do not perform a full synchronization in this case, you are unable to log on to the application. You will be reminded by CRM.Client.