CRM Client v2.5.0

Aurea CRM Client application is part of the Aurea CRM suite of products from Aurea.

CRM Client is a cross platform application that works in both online and offline mode. It runs on WIndows 10 (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices) and Apple devices running iOS versions 9 to 11 (iPad and iPhone).

CRM Client allows you to access, display and edit data stored in Aurea CRM. It supports all available verticals and all industry solutions. You can install CRM Client from Apple App Store and Microsoft Store.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategic decision by your enterprise to tailor your business processes to meet the needs of your clients. Aurea CRM is a comprehensive and flexible CRM software solution. It is optimally suited to your enterprise if you require short project durations, sector-specific business processes, and a modern system architecture paired with tried and tested functionality.

Our business solutions cater to the demands of businesses of all sizes, providing services to both small departments and multinational corporations. All marketing, sales and service processes are depicted in the system, helping you provide your clients with a comprehensive CRM experience–from the initial contact with a client to offering optimal support and targeted services.

For more information on CRM Client, see the product documentation in Aurea Support Central. When you plan for an installation or upgrade of CRM Client, refer to the system requirements.

For any upgrade or purchase enquiries, please consult your account executive.